About Our School



Our Philosophy

We believe that each individual has inherent potential. Education serves to enable students to realize their inherent untapped potential and become happy. We at, DIG international, provide educational opportunities where students can engage in dialogue with their teachers and their peers (Dialogue), tap into their inherent potential (Inner Transformation), and realize how to use their unique talents to contribute to the global society (Global Citizenship).

Dialogue –

Dialogue and discussion are quite often used interchangeably. However, dialogue holds a more profound meaning than just sharing ideas or content. In dialogic education, teachers and students are equals and the focus is on learning from the other. At DIG International, we aspire to design our educational environment such that educators and students are deeply engaged in life-life bonds of friendship and trust. We have a small class size that enables educators to focus on helping the learner find their unique untapped talents and interests. Thus, the classes are more meaningful than just content driven curriculum. This student centric approach allows the student to create and drive their own educational experience.

Inner Transformation –

We believe that learning exists not only for the students but also for the educators. When educators stop growing, education stagnates. Therefore, mutual growth among educators and students is imperative. Through dialogic means, educators and students learn from each other to improve their personal and professional lives by manifesting virtues such as courage, compassion, and wisdom. The goal is to have the courage to challenge one’s limitations and develop as better human beings. This is the reason why our classes place emphasis on dialogic education where students and teachers are equals and co-authors of the educational experience.

Global Citizenship –

We believe that the term global citizenship is more profound than just learning a new language or living overseas. Global citizenship entails the spirit to empathize and support others who may or may not be in the same environment. Compassion to empower and support can be termed as the spirit of global citizenship. Our education aims to foster global citizens dedicated to contributing to the larger global society. We focus on helping students realize the interconnectedness between their own lives and the world, and inspire them to realize their unique talents to improve the human condition.

Our Strengths

At DIG International, students can discover their own reasons for learning, explore their interests, and develop excellent English competence to expand their future options.

Highly-experienced teachers

Student-centered education

Proven test results

100% online education

Small class size

Tailored classes for the needs of the students

End to end study abroad preparation

Access to hundreds of universities and colleges

Study tours in the US by DIG International

Scholarships to underserved & talented students

DIG students come from multiple countries

Student exchange programs

Workshops with prominent contributive individuals from around the world

Our Contribution

1. Scholarship

DIG International provided partial/ full scholarships to deserving students from all over the world. We believe that education is the greatest equalizer and a transformative force in changing communities and the world. Thus, providing financial support to underserved and deserving students can promote drastic changes in the lives of not just students but also the entire community. We, at DIG International, are striving to support such students.

If you wish to support our cause, please visit here.

2. Volunteer

DIG International collaborated with students from Soka University of America (SUA) to create a fully online program to provide SUA students a professional teaching experience by teaching SAT subjects and university application support to underserved students who seek their higher education abroad from all over the world. For the Spring semester in 2022 (January to May), a total 13 SUA students and 74 students from Brazil, Venezuela, and Angola applied to this program and we successfully completed it. We believe that this program brings societal change by contributing to equity and access to education.