1 A country with a multicultural society . People from over 120 countries have immigrated to Australia .

2 Thorough management of educational standards . Under the law to standardize the qualification levels that can be acquired, they are kept at a high level and constant . of 43 universities, 6 are in the top 100 in the world university ranking]

3. Unlike Japan, there is no entrance exam. Proof of English proficiency (TOEFL iBT, etc.) and a Japanese high school transcript are required for admission to an Australian universities.However, even if they do not meet the criteria, there is a way to enter the desired university via English schools, foundation courses, and state government-run educational institutions (vocational schools such as “TAFE”).

 Security isgood.It is also ranked among the safest countries in the world.I think it is very important to create an environment where students can study with peace of mind, as it allows them to concentrate on their studies while avoiding unnecessary stress. There are no earthquakes, and natural disasters such as typhoons and heavy snow rarely occur.

In addition, one of the attractions of Australia is that the air is clean because of the abundance of beautiful nature, and there are many animals living there.

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Australian Universiti

Australia Study Abroad Center

Australia Study Abroad Center’s Website

Griffith University (Gold Coast Campus)

Griffith University’s Website


University of the Sunshine Coast (Sunshine Coast Campus) 

Sunshine Coast University’s Website


Australian Catholic University  Melbourne Campus (Melbourne Campus)

Australian Catholic University’s Website


RMIT University (Melbourne Campus)

RMIT University’s Website


La Trobe University ( Melbourne Campus )

La Trobe University’s Website


West Sydney University (Sydney campus)

West Sydney University’s Website


Macquarie University ( Sydney campus )

Macquarie University’s Website


University of Wollongong ( Wollongong campus )

University of Wollongong’s Website


Edith Cowan University ( Perth Campus )

Edith Cowan University’s Website


Murdoch University ( Perth Campus )

Murdoch University’s Website


University of Tasmania

University of Tasmania’s Website


Charles Darwin University

Charles Darwin University’s Website