IELTS exams are conducted in 140 countries around the world, and about 3.5 million people take the exam every year at more than 1,100 test centers around the world.

IELTS has been testing English for 30 years. More than 10,000 institutions around the world accept IELTS scores, including top schools in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the UK.

Anyone over the age of 16 can take the exam, and there are two modules: the General Training Module and the Academic Module.

The Academic Module is more difficult than the General Training Module.

・IELTS Academic is a test for those who wish to study abroad as undergraduate or graduate students, or those who wish to apply for registration at a professional institution.

• The IELTS General Training tests your English skills in practical, everyday situations. The IELTS General Training Test may be required for admission to secondary education, universities, education and training centres, or for immigration to an English-speaking country.

There are two types of exams

, paper and computer, which you can choose.

The exam content, exam time, question types, face-to-face speaking test, scoring criteria, and transcripts are the same for both exams. You can choose the method that suits you.

Structure of the IELTS Examination (Academic)

Listening 30 minutes, 4 sections, 40 questions

Reading 60 minutes long 3 questions/40 questions

Writing 60 minutes 2 questions Speaking 11-14

minutes 3 parts/variable number of questions

Speaking is an interview with a native speaker.

It is expressed by the evaluation numerical value in increments of 0.5.

 Listening Section

• Each section consists of 4 sections with about 10 questions each.
• There are two question formats: multiple-choice and written.
• Separate question and answer sheets.
Candidates listen to the questions and write their answers on the question paper. After completing the test, write down your answers on the answer sheet.

There are 3 passages in the reading section

, for a total of 40 questions. Each passage has a different length.

The question types vary and may be selected from a list of options or extracted from the text. There is a word limit when extracting words and numbers from the text.

Writing Session

The writing section consists of two parts of 60 minutes. .

Task 1 requires about 20 minutes to write at least 150 words, and Task 2 requires about 40 minutes to write at least 250 words.

*Note: Essays that do not meet the minimum word count will be deducted.

speaking session

The Speaking test consists of 3 parts.

The test is conducted in a one-on-one interview format with an examiner, and all test content is recorded.

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