MS Kansai Soka High School 1st year

Ever since I was in elementary school, I wanted to go to Kansai Soka High School.
I started taking DIG lessons because I wanted to pass that high school.
I thought that if I could study English from elementary school, it would be advantageous for Kansai Soka High School, which emphasizes English.
In conclusion, I’m glad I took lessons from that time.

I’ve always been shy and thought that speaking in English was out of the question.
However, as I learned English from my teachers and with my friends who took lessons with me, I got used to speaking little by little.
Then, when I entered the third year of junior high school, it became difficult for me to take DIG lessons due to economic reasons, partly because the exams were approaching.
However, DIG offered me a scholarship, and I was able to continue my lessons until I took the exam.

Since I was in the second grade of junior high school, I had been trying to pass the Eiken Level 2, but I hadn’t passed it yet, so I decided to continue studying at DIG with that as my goal.
Then, in the fall of my third year of junior high school, I was finally able to pass the Eiken Level 2.
It was the last challenge before the entrance exam.
I remember being really happy at that time because I wanted to pass the entrance exam somehow.
I am very grateful to the teachers who helped me prepare for the Eiken in the lessons and practiced interviews.
I was very happy to have the support from the staff.

After the Eiken, I focused on studying for the exam.
In addition to regular lessons, I am very grateful that you have created a one-on-one online lesson and a dedicated course within the app.
Since then, I have faced various hardships, but thanks to the support of those around me, I was able to pass Kansai Soka High School, which was my dream.
Until now, my goal was to pass the exam, but there is still a way to go.
I would like to do my best every day so that I can make use of what I have learned through DIG and grow further in the future.