Kentaro Shintaku 3rd year high school student

Thanks to DIG, I got “Eiken Grade 1, TOEFL 106, SAT 1440”. Furthermore, I was able to pass the entrance exam to a top-level university abroad.

The main requirements for admission to a prestigious overseas university are (1) English proficiency that can be used at overseas universities, (2) top grades in high school, and (3) outstanding results in extracurricular activities.

At DIG, you can prepare for English tests such as TOEFL and SAT, and above all, you can acquire world-class English skills.

I study English every day from early in the morning and study for exams at school. After school, the English club has activities (participating in the national competition), and at night, it’s DIG.

After a lot of hard work, I was able to pass the most difficult early selection exam for Soka University of America, where only about 100 students from all over the world can enter.

DIG gave me the power to “move forward and move forward” while I was in the midst of this fierce battle to make the “impossible possible”.

The founder of DIG, Sir Nitesh, is an educational expert who graduated from top American universities, so he knows a lot about the world. Nitesh Sensei believed in my limitless potential and helped me bring it out. Professor Nitesh was to me what Professor Sullivan was to Helen Keller.

Taking advantage of what I learned at DIG, I will fly to the world in the summer of 2019. I don’t have any worries about English at all, and I’m really looking forward to learning with my friends from all over the world. I want to learn various things about the world and become a global citizen who can play an active role in the world.

I am very grateful to DIG. Not only did it improve my English, but as the name suggests, it helped me discover my potential, inspire my motivation, and prepare me to become a global leader.

If you want to discover your potential in the future, inspire your motivation, and become a global leader, I am convinced that DIG is the best choice.

・TOEFL: 120 points, the average in Japan is about 70 points, basically 100 points or more can be taken to the most difficult university in
the United States. is about 1060 points