T. N Soka Women’s Junior College 1st year

It wasn’t until I was in my third year of high school that I seriously considered applying for Soka Women’s Junior College. I had a lot of anxiety about taking the exam, but when I met Nitesh Sensei, I became more determined to pass the exam.
I was very nervous about the English interview on zoom, but I’m really glad that I was able to pass it safely.
I am full of gratitude to Nitesh Sensei and all the staff.

I attended the school for about seven months from August when I was in the third year of high school.
I had a lesson organized for passing the exam and passing the Eiken.
Each lesson was tailored to my level of English.
Not only did I understand my weak areas, but I was able to further develop my strengths.
I practiced English conversation with an all-English focus, and improved my writing and reading skills.
Thanks to that, I was able to always get the top scores in my class in regular school tests, and I think my English skills have improved greatly.

▪️Future Goals I believe
that Japan will become a country where the number of foreign workers increases and many languages ​​are spoken.
In order to become a human resource who can work in such a globalized society, I think that English ability, which is the common language of the world, will be required.
After entering the junior college, I would like to improve my skills to the point where I will not hesitate to communicate in English, as well as acquire English-related qualifications.
Also, I would like to make many friends around the world and grow into a person with a broad perspective who accepts the cultures and customs of other countries.